30 Best Bedroom Organization Ideas for Small Bedrooms – Easy Closet Hacks For Kids or Teenage Girl Room

Having a bedroom does not only mean having a place to rest, but you get to remember how you should organize it. Searching for best bedroom organization ideas for small bedrooms for kids or teenage girl on the internet is easy. The hard part is actually on you. Yes, it requires your willingness to spare your time and energy to get your bedroom always tidy and organized.

Best Bedroom Organization Ideas For Small Bedrooms For Kids, Teenage Girl or Adult

The most common problem found in people’s bedroom is the storage space. Bedrooms are so vulnerable to get cluttered. Clothes, shoes, bags, socks and even jewellery can mess your rooms up whenever you are not aware enough to get them organised. Yet, if you don’t have much space in your bedroom, floating shelves can be one of the solutions. These shelves do not take much of your horizontal space. Instead, they are built to maximise your vertical area. Books, pictures, and knick-knacks can be stacked in it while it can also function as your bedroom’s point of interest. Sort out your stuff based on particular classification. You may group your books on half of the shelves while the knick-knacks are placed in the rest of the shelves.

This one is so much preferable if you are now building your new house. Try to make a built-in wardrobe. This wardrobe is so gorgeous that it will not take any space in your bedroom. It is a suggested starting point for you who are planning to have a good bedroom organization later. Unlike usual wardrobe, for this one, you absolutely need to design it by yourself. The size, depth, and height are up to you. Also, you need to prepare some materials which you are going to make as the doors and drawers. You may imitate the design of wardrobe you like while consulting to a carpenter either to make the customised built-in wardrobe. You can also apply the previous alternative in having a neat kid bedroom organization ideas for you. You can customize the space in the wardrobe based on your kid’s need. But don’t forget to consider the height in order to ease your kids while they are going to pull out something from it.

Moreover, if the room is not too large, replacing the doors of the built-in wardrobe with curtains is perfect. These curtains function doubly, to save the space and make the room look cuter because you can easily change the curtains with various patterns your kids like. By having this wardrobe to help you organise your kid’s stuff, you also give them more space to play. Still not getting enough space to store your kid’s toys? The headboard can be modified as a unique extra storage space which shaped like drawers, while you can place the table lamp and an alarm clock on top of it. However, there is one point you should note down if you want to have your bedroom neatly organised. Keep it clean. Try not to leave your bedroom before making it. This small, yet significant step can help you find your bedroom as the most comfortable place on earth.

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